"The most incredible beauty and the most satisfying way of life come from affirming your uniqueness"
Jane Fonda


driven woman over 30 who does not just want help selecting pieces.

You want to elevate your style and flourish in your uniqueness

Hi, my name is Nadine and I am a London based qualified personal stylist. My mission is to enable you to wake up each day feeling confident about your clothing choices, eliminating second guesses and getting it right first time.

I am committed to breaking your cycle of fruitless shopping trips, wasting your precious time, and making wrong choices; instead you will dress effortlessly & beautifully, stepping out the front door feeling and looking fabulous; learning lessons that will last you a lifetime.

I will give you guidelines on mixing and matching pieces; knowing what styles and colours suit you and your body shape.  Enabling you to buy with confidence; spotting those “timeless Investment pieces”; being the proud owner of a streamlined wardrobe, every piece loved and indispensable. I personally do not have a lot in my wardrobe, but what I do have, I love to wear, and this is key.

My vision is that we will all play our part in cutting down on fast fashion and shop more sustainably. I believe in selecting pieces that are long-lasting, comfortable and can be worn regularly. I genuinely feel happy and satisfied when my clients come away feeling more “clued up” and confident in themselves.

I want to change your mind set about your body “hang ups” so you can make the best of your assets and embrace ‘’you’’ fully as life is too short, and this is what makes us unique (flaws and all) So come on in what are you waiting for, let’s make this Uniquely You xoxo.


Discover some of the benefits of working with me…

My sister and I met Nadine whilst looking for an outfit for my sister to wear at my 40th birthday party. She was very friendly and creative in her thoughts about the right look. She was very knowledgeable about the right shapes and designs for different body types. We can’t wait to get some more advice on what clothing would look the best for our shapes 😊

Pritti & Chetna XX


I have had a brilliant time; Nadine has been amazing. Not only have I come away with a new wardrobe full of clothes, but I know how to dress for my shape! Nadine was patient, friendly and really knows her stuff. Thankyou for a great afternoon




I had a stylist appointment with Nadine as I had outgrown a lot of clothes through weight gain. She was so lovely and put me at ease immediately. Nadine found loads of great clothes that allowed me to feel good about myself again which is no mean feat. She listened to what I wanted and suggested some things I never would have thought about otherwise but loved. Would highly recommend Nadine.



“Time is money, but money can’t buy time. Time is precious, and you only get so much of it in this life. So, use it wisely and spend it well"
James D Turner