12 ways to style your pea coat for Autumn & Winter

October 8, 2020

If you are anything like me you will have quite a few coats that you have accumulated over the years and working for Oasis in the past  didn’t help when I had such a good discount 😊. One of my coats is my lovely navy pea coat which I bought from Oasis a year or so ago.

When you live in London, you tend to have coats of varying weights but typically end up in one big puffer coat with a hood (which I have too), as we all know It can be 4 different types of weather all in one day.

What you need to remember though is as it gets colder your coat becomes your “outfit”,  it is what everyone sees first, especially if you are just popping out to the shops or doing the school run and not taking it off.

For me personally, I have mostly been doing the school run and just changing up my ”coat look” now and again throughout the week. This has helped me feel better mentally and more like myself. If you too are adjusting to the ”new norm” of working from home, just changing something small about your outfit can really lift your mood, even if you are just going for a walk, add that lippy or your favourite pair of earrings that you used to wear to work or out on the town. You still want to feel like ‘’you’’ right?


What I love most about this pea coat is;

  • The buttons are stitched on well
  • The gold statement buttons. The buttons create a slimming effect as they draw the eye to narrowest part of my body
  • The look of it when it’s all buttoned up, I avoid wearing it open as I feel it isn’t as flattering and makes me look boxy
  • The colour. Navy is a good classic colour which will go with a lot of items you already have in your wardrobe
  • It has a satin lining that just slips over my clothes easily
  • It has pockets 😊
  • It has an inside top button, to keep the hemline straight when done up
  • I can dress it up or down
  • The wide notched collar and lapel open up my shoulders and balances out my proportions
  • The slash pockets lengthen my torso
  • It is a classic and timeless piece
  • It’s a good transitional piece that will take me from autumn to winter with ease and I can still wear it in spring with a lighter layer
Lovely lining

Although I am a pear shape and this coat stops at my widest part, so technically it isn’t the ‘’best’’ coat for me, I loved the gold buttons way too much to leave it in the store and the hefty discount swayed me too 😊.

As I always say rules are made to be broken and if you love it and the pros outweigh the cons for Y-O-U then just buy it, simples.

If you are tall, this style of coat would be great for you too as it balances out your long legs or if you are slim, the double-breasted look will open up your frame.

If you have a pea coat, you could style it with a striped sweater, this is such a classic, timeless look. I don’t have one but have put a cream striped jumper under mine. The versatility is endless…

Such a classic combination


pea coat green crossbody and my favourite tote bag

If you’re popping to the shops, sling on a crossbody with your knee-high boots and carry your favourite tote bag. I love my Ted Baker golden oldie.


Tan knee-high boots last season from Clarks,  love the calf adjusters on them


With my fleece-lined leggings from Primark


Add that extra layer with a snood


with my trusty chelsea boots, having a stroll though Regents Park


With skinnies and my Supergas

For a mild autumnal day and repeat come spring 😊

Layering your pea coat on a mild day or if you drive can give it some longevity going into the colder months and help you keep your puffer at bay 😊.  For those days where its 16 degrees outside, you could layer a vest underneath with a light sweater. The main thing is you don’t want to look ”bulky” and for your arms to feel restricted.

I know most of us are not going out as often as we used to but one day we will! so I thought I would add some ”going out” looks. At the moment I am just wearing whatever takes my fancy.


Fishnets and my favourite clutch


You could style it with a faux leather mini and a fun pair of tights for dinner and drinks or going out to lunch. I have played around with a few of my tights to show you a few looks. Try a pair of fishnets if you don’t like the idea of bare legs.


Style it with a fun clutch


Another fun crossbody clutch with my dogtooth tights

I just love these dogtooth tights from Next. I got them last year. I have added a fun clutch that my Mum gave me ages ago. When you have a rummage through your wardrobe, you end up finding some lovely gems 😊.


dogtooth tights


With my berry opaque tights and mini skirt

Here I have styled it with my berry opaque tights and my black knee-high boots. Yes, you can wear black and navy together, it’s ok.  I don’t feel comfortable in this look as I am a pear shape and with every move I make,  my skirt will ”ride up” and it spins wound my waist. so I very rarely wear this skirt, but this  would look great on you if you are less ”hippy” and more ”leggy”.

If you are a pear shape like me, you might feel more comfortable in high waisted faux leather shorts, culottes or trousers, (the softer the leather, the better) but  whatever shape you are, if you feel comfortable in it then go ahead and ”do you” 😊

If you create a colour palette of colours that you enjoy wearing and add in  some neutrals, it makes getting dressed so much easier.


Here is some more inspo for you…


Photo credit @peytoncoronas@instagram

Photo credit @peytoncoronas instagram


They come with funnel necks too.


Photo credit @jl_lorrainebrown instagram

I love how this classic pea coat has been styled, adding a twist with the leopard clutch and the fab brooch.


Photo credit @ninaruiter instagram

So chic with the gloves as a finishing touch.

St James pea coat


I like the length of this one and all the detail. You can find similar coats on their website



Loving the drama of this look
Photo credit @larkiedam instagram


So, there you have it. If you were thinking about getting a pea coat but didn’t know how to style it or if you have one in your wardrobe that hasn’t seen the light of day for a while, I hope this post has Inspired you.

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