Friday feeling…

It’s been a while since I’ve had that proper Friday feeling (the days start to roll into one when you’re on mat leave). But I’m heading out with the girls tonight so, it’s good to have a wee reminder of what Friday’s are all about. Or, used to be…

We were supposed to be doing Mexican (because we love a margarita-ta-ta-ta) but, our first-choice destination is (sadly) recovering from a fire, and our second was fully booked. FFS!

So, we’re freestyling!

I’m excited to see where we end up.

Have a good one!

Nadine x


Any amazing Mexican recommendations? Would love to hear about them.


New mascara…

I desperately needed a new mascara so last weekend, I treated myself to Dior’s Diorshow Iconic Overcurl.  And I’m pleased to say, it’s pretty damn good!


I’ve yet to be disappointed by Dior’s make-up – it’s one of my favourite beauty brands and, its mascara’s are particularly special.

This latest one has a great brush and the curve gives you that added-oomph curl. Once you’ve used your Shu Uemura’s of course.


If you’re like me and love a mascara that gives you the jet-black, dramatic look BUT still washes off easily / doesn’t run all over your face when you gets totes emosh…then you’ll love this!

It does what it says on the shiny box: Extreme Volume and Curl. LOVE.


I’d highly recommend you treat yourself to one too. You know you need it!

What’s your favourite mascara? Or, can you go without?

What every mama needs…

Why, a freeeeakin’ Sophie la Girafe safety harness, of course!

Ok, listen up mamas. Are you tired of Sophie being launched into danger on a daily basis? Bored of picking her up like, one hundred times a day, when out walking? Over, having to fork out for a new one when yet another giraffe bites the dust?!

Well worry no more! All you need is a little safety harness like this one and your Sophie mini-dramas will be over.


Check it out – your little one’s Sophie can travel in style (it’s giraffe print too y’know), comfort…


..and safety!


I got this one from Amazon but you can also get them here in a range of oh-so-stylish, giraffe print colours.

Sophie is sorted! What’s not to love?!

Oh, how I wish I’d invented le rubber giraffe. M has loved her since day one and her face still lights up (and mouth opens wide) every time she sees her.


Has your little one got a Sophie? Or, what’s their favourite toy? I’d love to hear about it.

Hello weekend!

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I can’t believe it’s Friday again! But I’m loving that it’s the weekend. We’re quite busy with family visiting and a 40th birthday celebration! Thankfully it’s not mine…yet 🙂

I’d quite like to go to the cinema to see this…


…but not sure I’ll manage to squeeze it in.

I also need a new mascara so, I’m looking forward to treating myself to a fab one – will share my purchase with you next week.

Oh, and we mustn’t forget that it’s oor Rabbie’s birthday this weekend! We’ll definitely be having a traditional Burns Supper on Sunday. Will you?

Here are some great ideas and tips to help you pimp your Burns Supper and, get you in the poetry mood.

Have a good one!

Nadine x


Next stop…the 70s

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This s/s it’s time for the fashion merry-go-round to stop (again) in the ‘70s.  Are you excited? I’ve got mixed feelings…why can I not get crazy, flower-power-prints and peace signs out of my head?!

Pattern1 PEACE MAN

Or, just, like…the colour brown.

Hmmm there are so many looks from this decade that make me feel a bit queasy.

But so much that I LOVE about it too! Well, it was was the decade I was born after all…and It gave us her


And, of course, him…


So maybe, just maybe I will indulge in the 70s trend…again.

For me, as always, it’s about adding a dash of this key trend to my s/s wardrobe rather than a head-to-toe affair. I’m super excited at the prospect of wearing flares again and, looking forward to introducing some textile prints.  I love this scarf from H&M for starters and WANT these MiH jeans.

One of my favourite-favourite looks from the 70s though, has to be, BIG pointy collars. The bigger the better, right?  So, that’s what I’m off on the fashion hunt for…will keep you posted!

Summer of Love? Bring. It. On.


Will you be rockin’ the 70s look this s/s? What’s your favourite themes?

January beauty love

January is the perfect month to refresh your beauty regime. I don’t know about you but my skin was crying out for some love after all the bad December living. So, I decided it was time for a change and thought I’d share with you my new LOVE products.

I’ve been using Liz Earle’s famous hot cloth cleanser on and off for years. My mum (who really should have been a beauty expert) introduced me to it years ago and I loved it! I really got into the ritual of its two-phase, cleanse and polish beauty-rule and my skin really seems to like it. It’s been a staple in my beauty cabinet ever since but, I tend to go through phases of using it.

I’m all over it again, however, thanks to this incredible limited edition version I received for Christmas.

Daily Cleanse (morning & evening)

IMAG1941_1 IMAG1944_1_1

This Sweet Orange & Mint cleanser is just so flippin’ lovely. It contains sweet orange oil and crushed peppermint as well as cocoa butter, rosemary and chamomile…mmmm. The scent is WOW and it actually feels like an instant beauty hit for your face. I’ve been using it every day since the start of the NY and it’s perked my skin right up. I’d highly recommend it as a daily cleanser, especially if your skin is a little sensitive, like mine. I guess that’s if you can still get your hands on it. What’s with the limited edition?! This beauty treat needs to stay!

Beauty blast (weekly)


I HEART Eve Lom’s cleanser so much. I haven’t used it for a couple of years so felt the time was right to get back on it. Again, it offers a thrilling beauty ceremony involving a muslin cloth, which works wonders on your skin. It’s slightly more expensive though so this year, I’m using it as a weekly beauty blaster. With its cleansing and exfoliation double-whammy, this involves a weekly mini-facial. Start by massaging the balm into your face for around two mins. Then leave it to work its magic for five more mins, before polishing off with the cloth. It’s a little bit of pamper-me time at home and, my face is showing its appreciation. Try it!

Moisturise (morning & evening)


I’ve been using Decleor’s Harmonie Calm Cream for a few years now. It’s an amazing moisturiser but my skin was needing a change. So, I decided to give Liz Earle’s new superskin moisturiser with natural neroli a go. And I’ve not been disappointed! This moisturiser has collagen boosting ingredients such as cranberry seed, pomegranate and rosehip oils and is pitched as the perfect product for mature or very dry skin. Just what my face needs at this time of year. A little goes a long way too – definitely a new beauty favourite!

What’s your fave beauty products? Do you refresh your regime or stick with trusted brands? Any recommendations for sensitive skin?

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It’s the weekend!

We’re going to be busy this weekend with some DIY – including building our new bed frame and bedside cabinets. It’s also my niece’s 12th birthday so we’re going to have some retro fun in the Hard Rock Café!

I might make a BIG pot of soup too and will definitely be putting my feet up to watch the third season of Lilyhammer

Rock on January!!


Have you seen this? We watched the first two seasons this time last year and I’m excited that it’s back for a third series. Steven van Zandt (Silvio from The Sopranos) plays a mobster Frank ‘The Fixer’ Tagliano, who has to go into witness protection after ‘ratting out’ his associates…so off to Lillehammer he goes to build a new life for himself. He then ends up becoming ‘The Don’ of the little Norwegian town. It’s a bit silly in a mobster spoof way but it really made me laugh last year so, I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next.

What are you up to this weekend? Any great box sets to recommend?