Next stop…the 70s

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This s/s it’s time for the fashion merry-go-round to stop (again) in the ‘70s.  Are you excited? I’ve got mixed feelings…why can I not get crazy, flower-power-prints and peace signs out of my head?!

Pattern1 PEACE MAN

Or, just, like…the colour brown.

Hmmm there are so many looks from this decade that make me feel a bit queasy.

But so much that I LOVE about it too! Well, it was was the decade I was born after all…and It gave us her


And, of course, him…


So maybe, just maybe I will indulge in the 70s trend…again.

For me, as always, it’s about adding a dash of this key trend to my s/s wardrobe rather than a head-to-toe affair. I’m super excited at the prospect of wearing flares again and, looking forward to introducing some textile prints.  I love this scarf from H&M for starters and WANT these MiH jeans.

One of my favourite-favourite looks from the 70s though, has to be, BIG pointy collars. The bigger the better, right?  So, that’s what I’m off on the fashion hunt for…will keep you posted!

Summer of Love? Bring. It. On.


Will you be rockin’ the 70s look this s/s? What’s your favourite themes?


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