What every mama needs…

Why, a freeeeakin’ Sophie la Girafe safety harness, of course!

Ok, listen up mamas. Are you tired of Sophie being launched into danger on a daily basis? Bored of picking her up like, one hundred times a day, when out walking? Over, having to fork out for a new one when yet another giraffe bites the dust?!

Well worry no more! All you need is a little safety harness like this one and your Sophie mini-dramas will be over.


Check it out – your little one’s Sophie can travel in style (it’s giraffe print too y’know), comfort…


..and safety!


I got this one from Amazon but you can also get them here in a range of oh-so-stylish, giraffe print colours.

Sophie is sorted! What’s not to love?!

Oh, how I wish I’d invented le rubber giraffe. M has loved her since day one and her face still lights up (and mouth opens wide) every time she sees her.


Has your little one got a Sophie? Or, what’s their favourite toy? I’d love to hear about it.


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