Get s/s sneaker pimped…

Okay so, we all know that I’ve been having a sporty-chic love affair of late. And, I’m keeping it going in 2015. It’s all well and good strutting in your boots and heels but some days your feet just need a bit of trainer love.

You still need to hit the style mark though. You also need to make sure you’re not stepping into the territory of muttons…

To help you get it right, I’m sharing my favourite sneakers for s/s.  All are perfect for wearing when you’re not in a shoe mood…and are no longer in your twenties.

Get your sneaks on!


Adidas Superstars are back with fashion vengeance. So, watch out Chuck T! These babies are not too big and not too small. This means you can wear them with lots of day-to-day outfits. Keep it simple with the shoe colour too – black and white with a touch of gold.

Oo la la you’re a superstar.


Nike Air Max. Well, you can’t really go wrong with a pair of Air Max and these Thea’s hit the syle spot. Again, I’m drawn to the black and bronze combo. But there’s a multitude of colours to choose from, if you like, want them brighter.

Whatever. Just Do It. Get them!


Converse All Star. Oh, don’t worry. If you can’t bear to part with your trusty converse, you don’t have to. The Chuck’s are keeping things box-fresh with a new Missoni collaboration. Check these out. I want.

You’re also getting 20% off at Office now.


Adidas Gazelle. These are probably the best sneakers ever created. I loved them in the 80s. Rocked them in the 90s and, really need to get a new pair now. So. Do. You. Especially in this colour. OGs only please.


New Balance 420. I haven’t worked a pair of NBs yet. But I love how simple–and-stylish these trainers are. The grey-on-grey colour will work with almost anything…I’m sure.


Superga Classics. These are super cute. So is the s/s colour. So is the fact, the shoe laces match the shoe.

Do you have a love affair with trainers? What ones are you wearing just now?


Freakin’ Friday…


I’m so excited that it’s a lovely sunny Friday – definitely heading outside soon to make the most of it. I’m also off out tonight for a friend’s birthday drinks so, looking forward to a wee cocktail or two.

Some weekend stuff from me…

We’re now watching (and loving) this #bettercallsaul

Get ready to rock denim this s/s. Do. It. Right!

I’m thinking Sunday Roast for dinner mmmmmmmmm.

If you’re in Edinburgh why not check out the Loud Poets at the City Café?

Have a good one!

Nadine x

An initial close to my heart..

I’ve got a thing about fashion accessories. I just can’t get enough of them. It’s been a style obsession of mine for as long as I can remember. And I still get excited by how much a simple bit of decoration here or there can take your outfit up like, a whole new level. From glasses to hats, sports visors to head bands, watches to clocks, ribbons to key chains, chokers to pussy bows and MORE. You name it, I’ve found some way to rock it with my outfit.

glasses glasses2 glasses

Chunky jewellery is one of my day-to-day staples though. So, lately I’ve been struggling with feeling a little bit naked.

It’s not so easy to wear BIG statement pieces every day when you’re busy being mum.

I mean, for starters, your little one might hurt themselves as they reach out to try and shove your spiked, studded belt in their mouth. And, heaven forbid, they might actually destroy your chunky chain-rope necklace as the attempt to Rip. It. Off. your neck.

So recently I’ve gone all, a little bit subtle and thought I’d share with you my fave new statement necklace.necklace M2

It’s an understated, silver Links of London pendant I got from Mr T for Christmas engraved with Little Miss M’s initial. How sweeeeeet is that?!


I absolutely adore it. And, it’s great because you can still wear it when with babe but safely tuck it away from grabbing paws as and when required.

It’s simple but stylish and, it’s a good size because there’s still an element of CHUNK .

It looks great with every outfit and is even tapping into the current 70s vibe. I also quite like that I have M so close to my heart..but don’t tell anyone I said that.

What jewellery are you wearing just now? Any special pieces?

V is for Valentine’s…

It’s just not the same is it?! Gone are the days when you got sooooo excited about buying and sending a Valentine’s card for that boy you like, totally fancied. And then…all those daft (and fun) verses that you wrote all over the card. And, of course, the excitement and anticipation, waiting to see if you would get one too.

Too flippin’ funny.

Some say commercialised nonsense, while some go all out with romantic gestures.

I’d say I’m somewhere in the middle.


I think it’s cute that there’s a day in the year dedicated to romantic love and that you can walk into any shop just now and buy lots of heart shaped things. I also hope that school girls everywhere are busy doing it retro stylie with their tacky cards and verses ready to go. And, that there’s not too much disappointment, once the postman has been on Saturday.

Here are my top Valentine’s Day gift ideas that would be sure to put a big smile on my face this weekend, from the muchos cheap to the tad extravagant.


I heart Drew Barrymore. I heart that she has published a book about heart shaped things…even if it is a bit random.


Love. Love. Love. This Grand Bazaar necklace. What’s not to love?!


This print. All together now!


Big MJ LOVE from Net-A-Porter.

Happy Valentine’s Day when it comes. Are you celebrating? Sending a card? I’d love to hear.

A taste of Café Tartine…

Last Friday we (me and two of my girlfriends) ended up in one of Leith’s newest eateries, Café Tartine. It was a lovely (and very), civilised evening (mainly due to the lack of margaritas) of tasty food, wine and chat.


Now, as this is a French café and wine bar you can pop in at anytime for food. I’ve already been for a couple of luncheons but this was my first evening date here.  It was a very different atmosphere on the Friday night that we were in – much quieter and more chilled. But, considering our mood (it was the end of January) and our need for a good catch up, it was the perfect setting and we had a fab time.

It’s a gorgeous, vast space and I LOVE the décor, which I’d describe as rustic chic. There’s room for lots of diners too, across a mix of table, chairs and some sofas.


IMAG2061_1 IMAG2057_1

IMAG2064_1 IMAG2052_1

The café bar has a 1am license and the menu is the same throughout the day. On one level this works really well due to the huge range of choices on the menu. If you just fancy a sandwich, soup or coffee, for example, then you’re sorted. But, if you’re looking for a more hearty meal then there’s a tasty range of hot dishes to choose from too   – everything from burgers and chips to more a la carte offerings. On another level however, there’s almost too much to choose from and it feels a bit strange in the evening measuring up whether to go for the Croque Monsieur or the Beef Bourguigon.


We mixed things up but, I’d say that all of our dishes were acceptable evening fare. I went for the Salad Nicoise of Grilled Peppered Tuna and, the girls went for the Braised Pork Belly and Pan Seared Cornfed Chicken Supreme.

IMAG2040_2 IMAG2045_1IMAG2050_1

We also had its Homemade Chips with Truffle Oil Mayo and Parmesan on the side – two portions, of course, in case one wasn’t enough (it wasn’t…three would actually have been better). These are AMAZING chips and dips!!


My salad was totally delicious – just bursting with flavours and, the tuna steak was perfectly cooked. The girls were very happy with their dishes too.

We normally can’t get enough of a New Zealand sauvignon blanc. But we all agreed that you can never really go wrong with a good French wine so, we opted on this occasion for the house white, which was lovely. And so was the January price (£16.95 compared to the NZ £29.99).

One of the really exciting food offerings here though, has to be its huge range of savoury and sweet Crepes. They also crepe them up right in front of you!


We shared one between the three of us (anymore would have just been greed after those chips). And after humming and hawing over whether to go Nutella or banoffee or…..we kept it simple with just lemon and sugar. It was YUM.

I’m definitely a huge fan of this place – I’m actually heading back for lunch again next week. So, I’d definitely recommend it. But, based on my evening date I probably prefer it as a lunch venue so far. It does feel like there’s a huge opportunity though, to make more of the evenings – especially Fridays to appeal to the huge business community in the area (of which, I’m part of).

I’ve seen on its twitter page that there has been live music recently – LOVE this. Maybe a DJ could work in the conservatory space at the back too (all at a reasonable café bar tempo…bien sur). And maybe some tasty BITE offers would go down well like, a bottle of Champers and those truffle chips. Or, the tasting boards (which look fab) with a bottle of wine. I guess it would be striking the right balance of bringing in more evening drinkers without spoiling its raison d’etre.

Just some food for thought…

Check it out.


Must-see movie catch up…


Okay, I do realise that I’m like, uber-late with this one but I watched Dallas Buyers Club the other day (it’s now on Netflix). And it’s so good! I can’t stop thinking about it so, had to share.

Matthew McConaughey’s Oscar-winning performance as Ron Woodruff, a Texan diagnosed with AIDS in the 1980s, really is incredible.

The film begins by showing you the extent of Woodruff’s hedonistic, ignorant and prejudiced character. But he’s soon diagnosed as HIV positive and given 30 days to live.

The count-down of the days then begins to unfold in the film, starting with Woodruff’s grief and denial reaction. Then his curiosity sets in, which helps him research and understand HIV and what’s happening to him.  This leads to his acceptance of his condition, which is when his fight and determination kicks-in.

With the trials of a new drug taking too long and not even proving to be successful, Woodruff takes matters into his own hands to try and survive – against the odds. Before long he has identified alternative drugs and medicines that are proving to help, better and pro-long the life of people living with HIV at this time. He then works the system to create his own ‘Buyers Club’ to provide the alternative medicines to those in need. Subsequently, Woodruff manages to turn 30 days into seven years, while helping others in the process.

What stands out the most is the complete 360 turnaround in Woodruff’s character pre and post diagnosis. In many ways, being HIV positive helps to make him a better person and drives him to give something back to society. The film also shows the huge lack of understanding about HIV at this time (the doctors wearing masks for starters) and the serious stigma and prejudice that people living with HIV were faced with.

Sadly, while research and medicines have moved on leaps and bounds since the 80s, there’s still a serious lack of understanding surrounding HIV and, people living with it are unfortunately still stigmatised because of this. I really hope that this film has managed to do some positive work here too.

Although, one thing that also stood-out for me was the fact the film steered away from mentioning safe-sex or condoms. This was evidently the key message of HIV awareness at this time – and still is – so it seems strange that it didn’t feature.

Jared Leto’s performance as transgender Rayon is also outstanding. And the friendship they form as they become partners in crime, is somewhat the great love story of the film. The grocery store scene where Woodruff makes his homophobic (ex) buddy shake Rayon’s hand had me welling up big time! And proved just how far his character had come.

It’s not easy, or cheery viewing because it’s ultimately a story of loss. But the sterling performances and exceptional story still warms your heart.

I’d highly recommend it, especially if, like me, you’re a bit behind on the must-see movies.

The story and Woodruff will stay with you.

Have you seen it? What did you think? Any more must-see movies I need to get watching?