V is for Valentine’s…

It’s just not the same is it?! Gone are the days when you got sooooo excited about buying and sending a Valentine’s card for that boy you like, totally fancied. And then…all those daft (and fun) verses that you wrote all over the card. And, of course, the excitement and anticipation, waiting to see if you would get one too.

Too flippin’ funny.

Some say commercialised nonsense, while some go all out with romantic gestures.

I’d say I’m somewhere in the middle.


I think it’s cute that there’s a day in the year dedicated to romantic love and that you can walk into any shop just now and buy lots of heart shaped things. I also hope that school girls everywhere are busy doing it retro stylie with their tacky cards and verses ready to go. And, that there’s not too much disappointment, once the postman has been on Saturday.

Here are my top Valentine’s Day gift ideas that would be sure to put a big smile on my face this weekend, from the muchos cheap to the tad extravagant.


I heart Drew Barrymore. I heart that she has published a book about heart shaped things…even if it is a bit random.


Love. Love. Love. This Grand Bazaar necklace. What’s not to love?!


This Art.com print. All together now!


Big MJ LOVE from Net-A-Porter.

Happy Valentine’s Day when it comes. Are you celebrating? Sending a card? I’d love to hear.


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