French literary fun…

I’m reading this book just now.


Well, it’s more of a pick-up-and flick through kind of reading. Enjoying snippets here and there, when it suits. You see, it’s much more a coffee table book. Gorgeous to look at with amazing images and design features throughout.

But it does make for a fun read too.

If I’m being honest, I’ve always harboured a desire to be a little bit French. But, all I’ve had is my name. Thanks to this quirky-read by Caroline de Maigret and her three co-pal-authors however, there’s hope for me yet! It’s full of smart advice, style tips and witty anecdotes that make you smile and feel inspired. There’s also some lovely quotes and useful stuff like recipes, Paris cut-out-and-keeps and erm, drinking games.

Here are some of the awesome tips to get you Parisienne’d up.

  • The Parisenne never gives too much away. When it comes to revealing herself, she follows one golden rule: less is definitely more
  • Short, clean NAILS sometimes worn with polish – but not always.
  • Embrace your inner snob (because let’s face it that’s who you are)
  • The Parisienne already knows what she must think: the opposite of what you think no matter what.
  • Enjoy the face you have today, it’s THE ONE you’ll wish you have 10 years from now.
  • You don’t have to spend a decade’s worth of salary on your wardrobe, or flaunt designer brands the whole time. All you need is one signature item: THE ONE you wear when you need to feel strong
  • If the Parisienne could wear just a Burberry trench and nothing underneath, she would be in heaven.
  • In short, you’re not a slave to the cult of a perfect body – so learn to make the best of what nature gave you.

Of course, it’s all very fashionista tongue-in-cheek. But you can imagine that some people will be haters of its very nature, which could be seen as tres pretentious and obnoxious. But, I’m not going to lie, I love its self-deprecating humour and unapologetic tone. It’s definitely one I’ll keep picking up when I’m in need of cheering up or, some life inspiration. I’d really recommend it. I just wish I’d read it in my twenties!

Merci beaucoup girls. X

Here are some of my favourite design bites in the book too.

IMAG2207_1 IMAG2217_1





Have you read the book? Would love to hear your thoughts.


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