Happy Mother’s Day…

I’m not going to lie, I’m loving that it’s my first Mother’s Day as a mama. It’s strange to think that this time last year, I was just getting ready for Little Miss M’s arrival. And, that I didn’t even know I’d have a daughter by now as we decided not to find out the sex beforehand. We both wanted a surprise and knew we would be over the moon with our little bundle regardless. It’s funny how some people need to know, or just want to know. While others need, or just want the surprise. Don’tcha think?

Anyway, getting a girl has been like the BEST surprise ever. I’m lucky enough to have an amazing mum, who is also like, an amazing friend. Even though I probably drove her crazy over the (younger) years, she has always supported me and been there for me one-hundred-million percent. Thanks mom.

I’m now looking forward to lots of mama days to come with my newest and best friend. I just hope I can live up to my teacher.

Happy Mother’s Day y’all.

Nadine XO


Me and M by the harbour. And I love these two pics of Madonna all earth mother and Lady Di and Wills #firstborn

Madonna and lourdes

lady di

Here’s some #mamalove links. Enjoy!

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Emergency Mother’s Day cards from Innocent

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Hope you have a great day. I’d love to hear about your mum?


2 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day…

  1. Today is very bitter sweet for me. I was lucky enough to have an exceptionally close relationship with my mum. Our birthdays a day apart, we had a really strong bond and understanding and she truly was my best friend. Our relationship was destroyed by the gradual decline in her health due to the horror that is Alzheimers. She is no longer the kind, loving sweet woman that I idolised as a child. She has now regressed into a child like state and I have to take on role of mother when I visit her. I look into her eyes searching for some sign that she recognises me but it is now always in vain. I do have fantastic memories of her though and I always try to focus on that. My own children give me comfort and when I recognise signs of my mum in them, it helps me to see that even though a big part of her has died, the best bits of her live on in me and in them. My only wish is that my children could have had more of their “real” Granny Robb and built a relationship with her based on their personal experiences and not just on stories I’ve told them.
    It is scary when you lose your mum. I often wish I could tell her when I am worried or when something fantastic has happened. I know she would be proud of me and her grandchildren. Every thing happens for a reason and this journey of heartache has made me stronger, more compassionate and more appreciative of the wonderful people I have in my life.

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  2. Thanks Lucy – a heartbreaking yet beautiful comment. Your ‘bitter sweet” refrence really sums it up as I’m sure so many people feel like this on such a day. I was actually really conscious of this fact when I wrote my blog post and now wish I had made some reference to this. So many people that have lost their mums or women that really want to be mums or have lost children will really feel it on a day like today. I hope they can like you, find their strength and take comfort in those that love around them, XO


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