This time a year ago…

This time last year, I was just finishing up work for maternity leave. It had been a hectic, (as always) final few months at work and I remember feeling a mix of nerves and excitement re what lay ahead. I also had the F.E.A.R, like most expecting, working mums probably do, that baby would arrive like, the very next day. I mean this was a huge (and probably the last) opportunity for the next two weeks to be ALL ABOUT ME.

Here I am ready to pop, looking forward to me time.

photo 2

Thankfully Little Miss M let me enjoy my two weeks, (and two days) pre-due date as she was quite punctual. And I’m not going to lie, I had the best time.

Sleep, long-lies and more sleep. Coffees and lunches with friends. Reading blogs, magazines and baby-prep books. Manicure, pedicure and massages. Shopped for last-minute baby things (and ridiculous stuff for my hospital overnight bag that I really didn’t need). Ah, the list went on….

But one of the best things I got up to on my last two weeks of freedom (and those early baby months) was unashamedly overdosing (and losing days) on this…

GG2 - Copy


I know, I know, some people would call this pure TV trash. But it felt like pure TV gold to me all that time ago. It was just the light-hearted, silly and funTV I needed. And like I do about lots of things in life, I got completely OBSESSED. You just need to check out my old twitter feed to see it was going down well.

I never watched it in its heyday for two reasons.

  1. I was just sooo busy working.
  2. I actually felt really envious of their fresh-faced youth.

I mean, let’s take Sex and the City as an example. I could totally relate to these girlfriends and their life dramas, hilarious anecdotes and of course, THE fashion. And I always loved that no matter what, they were ALWAYS going to be older than me. But these young, gorgeous and ridiculously rich and smarmy teens had me seething in my biker boots. At the time, watching it would have been like a constant reminder of times-winged chariot hurrying near.

I. Just. Couldn’t. Cope.

But let’s face it once you get to a certain, more accepting age, some things just don’t seem to matter as much. I guess that’s why I could sit back and suddenly fall in love with all these pretty young things, acting out storylines crazier than Bobby Ewing’s coming back from the dead.

It rocked! But, so did Bobby Ewing…

Seriously, if you haven’t ever watched GG, DO IT! Especially if you’re getting ready to pop.


bobby ew


4 thoughts on “This time a year ago…

  1. I’m loving that you have your dad’s doppelganger posted on your blog. I too loved my restful wait before the impending birth..although my wait was much longer than yours with my overdue babies. I’m working with two pregnant colleagues just now and I’m so jealous. One is a first time mum and I’m envious of her excitement and innocence that comes with your first time. I’m especially jealous of the thought that she will soon be able to chill out and enjoy snuggling up to the new love of her life every day. I am not jealous however, of the thought of no sleep as now I’m 40 I need all the beauty sleep I can get!

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