7 Tips to help you find your style personality

November 12, 2020



“The Average UK woman spends £61.75 on an outfit for an event that’s a lot. Make sure you’re making the right decisions..dress for your personality. Make sure you’re comfortable..think outside the box at times..what is the biggest part of your personality e.g. your classiness, sassiness? ..accessories show your personality.. don’t be hung up on price and designer labels..it doesn’t matter as long as it shows who you are, that’s all that really matters”

Gok Wan 2018 Loose Women


We all need different looks for our lifestyles. Some of us might need more than others depending on what we do from day to day.

What we wear reflects our personality and conveys a message to others without even moving our lips. Your Signature style is unique to you and pulls all your looks together. To break it down, your style personality can fall into these groups;

Classic – think Kerry Washington, timeless, softly tailored, and co-ordinated

Feminine – think Grace Kelly, sheer fabrics, mother of pearl accessories, floral prints

Creative – think Joss Stone, Hippy chic/boho, abstract prints. Androgynous as well

Dramatic – think Sharon Osbourne, large accessories, striking, daring

Casual – we all have our version of this but will wear it with our personality coming through. You could go for a rock chick vibe or a polished co-ordinated classic look



Your clothing has personality as well, it can be divided into;


Classic – timeless, simple, and elegant

Contemporary – Current and modern

On trend – High fashion look


The fabric, design of the clothing, prints, accessories and your hair & make up all help to narrow down your style personality. Just like body shape, we might not fall into these groups entirely and will overlap. I would say I’m classic with a twist, but my dominant style personality is classic.


Have a look in your wardrobe

Now you know this, look in your wardrobe and put aside;

Pieces that you feel comfortable and confident in and represent you.

What you wear the most and completes your outfits?

What do you really enjoy wearing?

Whatever you wear regularly and needs replacing, try and spend as much as you can afford on it to get the best quality.

Remember cost per wear + more wear, more value = 😊


These all make up your personal style. For example, if you tend to tie a scarf through your bag strap or finish off your look with a brooch, these would be your signature style.


What accessories do you like?

Do you have sculptured, ethnic unique pieces? Then you have a creative style personality as opposed to a dramatic style who prefers diamonds and real jewels. All these items are your “personal I.D” and show off your personality.


What kind of accessories do you like?
What kind of accessories do you like?


How do you wear your hair?

Do you prefer loose wispy hair? Then you have a feminine style. If you have an unusual haircut, you could fall into the creative style personality. As I said earlier, no one fits into a category exactly, I would say I fall into the classic style personality, but my hairstyle says something different, so I am classic with a twist. These tips will just give you a better understanding of your style. Another example of this would be Anna Wintour who has classic hair and make up BUT her “twist” is her sunglasses. If you ask anybody, they will say this is her signature style. What is your go to hairstyle?


Me with my afro                      Me with my afro


Me in my wig, I named Shaniqua 😊..who do you want to be today? Don’t limit yourself, the world is your oyster. It’s ok to change up your look

My pea coat is a classic timeless piece, but I love rose gold and metallics, so this is my personality coming through with my superga trainers. I wear metallics and jewellery on repeat and anyone that knows me and saw a rose gold purse in a store would say “I could see Nads with that” in a heartbeat. This is how your style personality will blossom, once you know what you like.

These bags are all from my loved ones

My lush purse. Your loved ones will be able to pinpoint your style personality when buying gifts for you


These are all “a piece of me”


Inspire yourself

On days when you just love what you are wearing, take a selfie of it and create a folder. It’s just something for you. When you’re feeling “meh”, you can go back and have a look at how great you looked to boost your mood and for days when you are running late, you can just scan through your photos and put that outfit on and be out the door 😊


       My personality is coming through with my metallic belt and my necklace


Take photos of outfits you feel fabulous in for “meh days”


Have a few style crushes

Have a look through Pinterest (make your Pinterest board secret if you prefer), magazines or Instagram and get some style inspo. from them and create a folder or scrapbook of their looks. Think about;


What do you like about their style?

What details are you drawn to from their style? Is it the fit of the jacket? The cut of the trousers? Try and choose women with a similar body shape to you if possible, it makes it easier to see what will flatter your body.

I love Emma Willis’ style. I love her timeless clean lines and her classic style. I also love Janelle Monet who is more experimental and daring with her style. it’s totally ok to have style crushes with different style personalities, it keeps it fresh by changing up our looks and you are being

I-N-S-P-I-R-E-D by them and not copying their looks. Pick out details that you love and make it your own.

Your style will evolve over time to adapt to your lifestyle needs so you can keep adding to your “folder”. For example, you could be breastfeeding now and need practical nursing tops that still show your rock chick personality and not make you look frumpy, you love the look of Gren Steffani and look to her for inspiration. Fast forward a few years and you will be looking at pictures of her for inspo. because you’re heading out for a lunch date with your bestie whilst your little one is at at school.

If you used to travel for business and you love Victoria Beckhams’ interchangeable classic style that takes her from LA to London effortlessly, (but you couldn’t walk 5 steps in her killer heels) you could be inspired by her lovely blazer and necklace details but wear your comfy loafers. Again it has to work for Y-O-U-R lifestyle needs.

Right now you are not traveling much but your casual style will still have classic elements and you can still wear your lighter pieces that you would have worn in  hotter climates by layering them.


Mix it up with trends

Yes, you have a certain style, but you can have fun with it by playing with trends you want to try out. It just keeps your style up to date and current. If you like the stomp boot trend, get a pair and tie this into your overall look, have fun with it. 😊

The whole idea of your style personality is it’s all about Y-O-U. Go with what you like, not every trend will work for you and why would you want to be wearing the same thing as everybody else? We don’t want to be clones. There is no personality in it. If you genuinely love a trend, try it but give it that je ne sais quois that sets you apart.


The cardigan is a classic staple with an on trend dogtooth skirt and  an edgy pair of ankle boots


Have your go to stores

Once you know your personal style, you will be able to narrow down your go to stores that you know have your “style” stocked. If you are a feminine style personality who loves romantic, flowy dreamy dresses and bows, your go to could be Ted Baker. Whereas if you are drawn to biker jackets, a vest and skinny jeans, you fall into the dramatic style personality and you could have All Saints as one of your stores.


I am just scratching the surface with these tips but I hope this will guide you to finding your style personality and If you need any help, get in touch. As always have fun with it and enjoy the discovery of you xoxo



“Oh, never mind the fashion. When one has a style of one’s own, it is always twenty times better.”

Margaret Oliphant










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