Growing up I remember the excitement of flicking through fashion catalogues with my ‘bestie’. A pastime we still indulge in, saying what we like, what would suit each of us, how we would wear an item, having a laugh and a cuppa. It’s just such a great feeling knowing that in that moment nothing else matters.

I had always loved fashion and putting looks together and longed for the chance to study a Personal styling course at the London College of Fashion, but the time and cost were never right as I was a single mum with 2 boys and my job as a corporate receptionist was safe and steady but my dream never died.

Two life changing events in 2016 propelled me to start planning my business and embrace what I enjoyed doing most. Firstly, the birth of my third beautiful boy, a birth that was very traumatic.Thankfully, I pulled through but 6 months later my foster mum (affectionately known as Nanny) who I went to live with at the age of 2 years old passed away. These two events were yet more of a reason for me to pursue my dreams to the fullest

After my maternity leave, I decided not to go back to my role as a corporate receptionist, finally enrolling in the course I had always dreamed of in Personal Styling. My tutor was Polly Holman who taught me so much.

After completing my course, I pursed my passion to have hands on experience styling women. I was able to do this when I was offered a job as a sales advisor then being promoted to an MPS (My Personal Stylist) at Oasis in their flagship store in Argyll Street, Oxford Circus, styling and advising women on their style choices and gaining an insight into their real lives and styling issues.

With such a busy work schedule and looking after my son, I wasn’t able to concentrate until now on my Personal Stylist Business.In April 2020 I was made redundant and decided that the time was now right to launch my business. I will always appreciate and be grateful for the experience I gained and the lovely team spirit we had at Oasis.

My son starts school in September, with a supportive partner I now have the time to give full attention to my business. Nanny’s death made me realise how precious life is. I was blessed to spend her last day on earth with her and she got to meet my last-born son.

Money can’t buy time, and no one can take these cherished moments away from me. I am grateful I get to live out my dreams and passion whilst still being able to be there for my sons.

Fulfilling as I find motherhood, I feel passionate that I have more to offer. I want to empower you to discover your uniqueness and realise how important it is to appreciate, love and value yourselves as life is too short not to.