Summer sandals…

These are my first pair of s/s 2015 summer sandals. And, I’m loving them.



They’re Palmaira sandals – the perfect flats for me in every way. Mainly because I’m shy of showing too much toe and they pretty much cover them all up. They are also like, the softest and comfiest leather.


Let’s face it, if you’re opting for flats there has to be comfort benefits.

I discovered them in Miss Vogue when I was busy trying to encourage my niece to read it (she wasn’t interested much to my dismay…but she did love the shoes). And I ordered them the very next day. They come in an amazing array of colours and have a neat strap that fits so snugly on your heel.

I fancied the rose gold but they were sold out when I went to order. So, (good ol’) metallic silver won me over instead. I’m fantasising however, about having a pair in every colour. Next on my list is a pair of the neons – check them out!

Seriously, I’d highly recommend these sandals as a s/s wardrobe must.

What do you think? Would you wear a pair of Palmeira Sandals?


A tasty breakfast stop…

Last week, we three had a breakfast stop at Craigie’s Farm in South Queensferry. We hadn’t actually planned to go there but the café at Cramond we rocked up to wasn’t open as yet. So, off to Craigie’s we ventured.

I’m so glad we did. It was really great.

IMAG2405_1 IMAG2409_1

I had been to the farm a few times before for a bite to eat but it was a long time ago. Funnily enough my last visit-memory is of being really hung-over while the kid at the table next to me kept banging his rattle off it…super loudly. I was like, arrrrgggh, get me out of here.

How times have changed. Now it’s my little one making all the noise and I’m over the moon to be in such an accommodating venue.

It’s not just me that’s changed. Craigie’s has evolved into an incredible family-friendly haven. It also looks super-slick inside now and there’s just so much going on. It’s a farm shop, butchery, bakery, deli, café and a working farm (of course) all rolled into one.  You can also say hello to the pigs and chickens or even Pick Your Own. Kids are in their element too with its huge outdoor space and play area complete with swings, a climbing frame and slide. The views are also incredible, which the grown-ups will really appreciate.




We arrived not long after 10am and the place was already buzzing but, it was the Easter holidays. That said, it’s a hugely popular place in general, especially when the weather is fair.


apple juice-20150422-132231_1


We were totally hungry so didn’t mess around – it was straight to the hot breakfast bar for us. Everything looked YUM and it’s (posh) canteen style so you can pick from a mix of items. I went for the sausage, mushrooms, fried egg and tattie scone. Mr T had the same but with black pudding instead of the mushies.  It definitely hit the spot. We were also both well impressed with the size of the sausages (huge) and those eggs had most definitely been laid that morning (super fresh).



We were heading to check out The Kelpies so didn’t stay too long. But we’ll definitely go back soon to spend more time there and make the most of all that’s on offer.  I can’t wait to introduce M to the animals. We might even try Pick Your Own too…

Did I actually just say that? Times really have changed!

Someone better pass me a margarita. Like, now.

Nadine x

Any favourite breakfast spots to recommend?



Getting s/s ready…

Apologies for the lack of posts! I’ve had a virus on my laptop, which has been causing me no end of grief…but it’s finally off to get fixed (thank gawd) and I’ve got a temp one (thanks dad).

In the meantime, I’ve been starting to get my wardrobe s/s sorted.  The sun has like, totally been out and I’ve just not felt dressed for it. It’s also (nearly) time for me to get my work head back on so, I’d better be looking the part.

Goodbye sports luxe. Hello again MEstyle.

To get me prepped, I was lucky enough to get a ‘wardrobe makeover’ the other day from one of Edinburgh’s top, personal stylists – Debra Hogan from One Velvet Morning.

It was SO good. And, Debra is one awesome lady!

Don’t worry, I’ll be sharing all the details with you soon in a proper blog post.

But for now it’s all about what trends I need, want, must-have to get me s/s ready. Here are just some of the things I’ve got my fashion-eye on.

Culottes. Yes, they can be a bit strange and it’s all because of that crazy calf length. But I’ve rocked them in the past and will be doing it again. Love these Zara ones for starters.

zara culottes

White. I need to stop buying everything in black and navy apparently (gulp!). So, white is absolutely on the list. But definitely for work-wear and not for Little Miss M wear. Not sure I’ll go for a full-on fashionista head to toe affair either. But, never say never. Planning to start with some cropped skinny jeans like these. And I want the Kakao by K YAS skirt.

K skirt jeans

Navy: Let’s not cool down on this colour completely though. It’s a s/s must and will look great with all things white. That means I can make the most of all the (navy) tops I already have. And purchase a new bag perhaps, like this.


Suede. I need a dash of the suede trend too. Just don’t spill your drinks on me! Check out this Zara belt and fab shorts (perhaps a bit short for me though). And, I love the Jigsaw jacket.

shorts belt


Denim: We’ve already talked about the must-have 70s flared jeans (check). I also love the colour and shape of this skirt.

denim skirt

DD (double denim) is still allowed too. The perfect excuse to throw on your beloved denim shirt with all your hues of blue.

What’s your favourite s/s looks for 2015? What have you purchased? I’d love to hear.

This time a year ago…

This time last year, I was just finishing up work for maternity leave. It had been a hectic, (as always) final few months at work and I remember feeling a mix of nerves and excitement re what lay ahead. I also had the F.E.A.R, like most expecting, working mums probably do, that baby would arrive like, the very next day. I mean this was a huge (and probably the last) opportunity for the next two weeks to be ALL ABOUT ME.

Here I am ready to pop, looking forward to me time.

photo 2

Thankfully Little Miss M let me enjoy my two weeks, (and two days) pre-due date as she was quite punctual. And I’m not going to lie, I had the best time.

Sleep, long-lies and more sleep. Coffees and lunches with friends. Reading blogs, magazines and baby-prep books. Manicure, pedicure and massages. Shopped for last-minute baby things (and ridiculous stuff for my hospital overnight bag that I really didn’t need). Ah, the list went on….

But one of the best things I got up to on my last two weeks of freedom (and those early baby months) was unashamedly overdosing (and losing days) on this…

GG2 - Copy


I know, I know, some people would call this pure TV trash. But it felt like pure TV gold to me all that time ago. It was just the light-hearted, silly and funTV I needed. And like I do about lots of things in life, I got completely OBSESSED. You just need to check out my old twitter feed to see it was going down well.

I never watched it in its heyday for two reasons.

  1. I was just sooo busy working.
  2. I actually felt really envious of their fresh-faced youth.

I mean, let’s take Sex and the City as an example. I could totally relate to these girlfriends and their life dramas, hilarious anecdotes and of course, THE fashion. And I always loved that no matter what, they were ALWAYS going to be older than me. But these young, gorgeous and ridiculously rich and smarmy teens had me seething in my biker boots. At the time, watching it would have been like a constant reminder of times-winged chariot hurrying near.

I. Just. Couldn’t. Cope.

But let’s face it once you get to a certain, more accepting age, some things just don’t seem to matter as much. I guess that’s why I could sit back and suddenly fall in love with all these pretty young things, acting out storylines crazier than Bobby Ewing’s coming back from the dead.

It rocked! But, so did Bobby Ewing…

Seriously, if you haven’t ever watched GG, DO IT! Especially if you’re getting ready to pop.


bobby ew

Happy Mother’s Day…

I’m not going to lie, I’m loving that it’s my first Mother’s Day as a mama. It’s strange to think that this time last year, I was just getting ready for Little Miss M’s arrival. And, that I didn’t even know I’d have a daughter by now as we decided not to find out the sex beforehand. We both wanted a surprise and knew we would be over the moon with our little bundle regardless. It’s funny how some people need to know, or just want to know. While others need, or just want the surprise. Don’tcha think?

Anyway, getting a girl has been like the BEST surprise ever. I’m lucky enough to have an amazing mum, who is also like, an amazing friend. Even though I probably drove her crazy over the (younger) years, she has always supported me and been there for me one-hundred-million percent. Thanks mom.

I’m now looking forward to lots of mama days to come with my newest and best friend. I just hope I can live up to my teacher.

Happy Mother’s Day y’all.

Nadine XO


Me and M by the harbour. And I love these two pics of Madonna all earth mother and Lady Di and Wills #firstborn

Madonna and lourdes

lady di

Here’s some #mamalove links. Enjoy!

Stylist’s reader’s letters

Emergency Mother’s Day cards from Innocent

Watch these films with mom

A literary tribute to Mother’s Day

Hope you have a great day. I’d love to hear about your mum?

French literary fun…

I’m reading this book just now.


Well, it’s more of a pick-up-and flick through kind of reading. Enjoying snippets here and there, when it suits. You see, it’s much more a coffee table book. Gorgeous to look at with amazing images and design features throughout.

But it does make for a fun read too.

If I’m being honest, I’ve always harboured a desire to be a little bit French. But, all I’ve had is my name. Thanks to this quirky-read by Caroline de Maigret and her three co-pal-authors however, there’s hope for me yet! It’s full of smart advice, style tips and witty anecdotes that make you smile and feel inspired. There’s also some lovely quotes and useful stuff like recipes, Paris cut-out-and-keeps and erm, drinking games.

Here are some of the awesome tips to get you Parisienne’d up.

  • The Parisenne never gives too much away. When it comes to revealing herself, she follows one golden rule: less is definitely more
  • Short, clean NAILS sometimes worn with polish – but not always.
  • Embrace your inner snob (because let’s face it that’s who you are)
  • The Parisienne already knows what she must think: the opposite of what you think no matter what.
  • Enjoy the face you have today, it’s THE ONE you’ll wish you have 10 years from now.
  • You don’t have to spend a decade’s worth of salary on your wardrobe, or flaunt designer brands the whole time. All you need is one signature item: THE ONE you wear when you need to feel strong
  • If the Parisienne could wear just a Burberry trench and nothing underneath, she would be in heaven.
  • In short, you’re not a slave to the cult of a perfect body – so learn to make the best of what nature gave you.

Of course, it’s all very fashionista tongue-in-cheek. But you can imagine that some people will be haters of its very nature, which could be seen as tres pretentious and obnoxious. But, I’m not going to lie, I love its self-deprecating humour and unapologetic tone. It’s definitely one I’ll keep picking up when I’m in need of cheering up or, some life inspiration. I’d really recommend it. I just wish I’d read it in my twenties!

Merci beaucoup girls. X

Here are some of my favourite design bites in the book too.

IMAG2207_1 IMAG2217_1





Have you read the book? Would love to hear your thoughts.

Get s/s sneaker pimped…

Okay so, we all know that I’ve been having a sporty-chic love affair of late. And, I’m keeping it going in 2015. It’s all well and good strutting in your boots and heels but some days your feet just need a bit of trainer love.

You still need to hit the style mark though. You also need to make sure you’re not stepping into the territory of muttons…

To help you get it right, I’m sharing my favourite sneakers for s/s.  All are perfect for wearing when you’re not in a shoe mood…and are no longer in your twenties.

Get your sneaks on!


Adidas Superstars are back with fashion vengeance. So, watch out Chuck T! These babies are not too big and not too small. This means you can wear them with lots of day-to-day outfits. Keep it simple with the shoe colour too – black and white with a touch of gold.

Oo la la you’re a superstar.


Nike Air Max. Well, you can’t really go wrong with a pair of Air Max and these Thea’s hit the syle spot. Again, I’m drawn to the black and bronze combo. But there’s a multitude of colours to choose from, if you like, want them brighter.

Whatever. Just Do It. Get them!


Converse All Star. Oh, don’t worry. If you can’t bear to part with your trusty converse, you don’t have to. The Chuck’s are keeping things box-fresh with a new Missoni collaboration. Check these out. I want.

You’re also getting 20% off at Office now.


Adidas Gazelle. These are probably the best sneakers ever created. I loved them in the 80s. Rocked them in the 90s and, really need to get a new pair now. So. Do. You. Especially in this colour. OGs only please.


New Balance 420. I haven’t worked a pair of NBs yet. But I love how simple–and-stylish these trainers are. The grey-on-grey colour will work with almost anything…I’m sure.


Superga Classics. These are super cute. So is the s/s colour. So is the fact, the shoe laces match the shoe.

Do you have a love affair with trainers? What ones are you wearing just now?