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September 25, 2020



We all buy jewellery and love adorning ourselves with it, but what really goes in to making something unique and bespoke? I think we often take this for granted as it’s mass produced for stores and so readily available. I like to support small independent brands as without them, we would all look pretty much the same. I love bright colours, as well so when I came across these fun designs, I just had to find out more, so I reached out to Nisheeka, who is the owner of The Journee of J”rissa and designs and makes these lovely pieces.


Unique jewellery


Tell me about your brand, when you started, why 

 I’ve always been into fashion and outfits are never complete without the right accessories. For me, those accessories are statement jewellery, more so a standout pair of earrings. With that in mind, I got to that point in life where I felt stagnant and needing to do something for me and this led me to creating something that I love, earrings. I started investing in it little over a year ago, with my official launch day being 14th September so I’m coming up to my year anniversary since starting.

My son’s name is Journee, my dad’s name is James and my mum’s name is Norissa, all joined together to give you the name the Journee of J”rissa. It centres around that person I created, with those who created me and my creations being a result of this process.


Do you design with a particular woman in mind?

Most of my designs are filled with lots of colour, unique pieces that are meant to create a statement and that’s who I design for. For that person who’s looking for something to give that outfit the extra edge or jazz up a plain outfit.


The journee of Jrissa jewellery


How long does each piece take to create?

Creating each earring varies dependent on the style. My floral pieces take a little longer as it could take a night just to create the “slab”, as we call it in the claying world. On an average it takes about two days from start to finish.


Unique pieces


What inspires you to start a new piece?

I take my inspiration from everything around me. This could be from fabric, wallpaper, every and anything can inspire me. Sometimes it’s the receipt of some new materials like a new cutter or embossing sheet and immediately I’m drawn to creating something.


The journee of Jrissa jewellery


Can you tell me about the brands sustainability efforts?

Sustainability is something I need to work on more closely as I work with polymer clay which in itself contains plastic. For this reason, I make small batches, normally 4-5 pieces within a design and they’re all one off pieces as opposed to multiples in the same style. I do ship in boxes which are recyclable as well as the paper bags that my earrings are wrapped in. There are elements of my packaging that could be improved on and I’m looking into this.


unique earrings


So there you have it, when you buy a unique piece from a jewellery designer, you will appreciate it that little bit more. The above pieces start from £4 – £12 depending on size and level of detail and can be bought from You can also find her on Instagram @thejourneeofjrissa.



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