My top 4 Zara picks

August 16, 2020
Zara 2020 fashion


Disclaimer; I do not have links to these items that you can click through to but I will give you names and codes of all items.

Zara Vest
Zara vest 2020


I got my Zara delivery and I just couldn’t wait to do a try on for you all. These pieces can be all mixed in with what you already have in your wardrobe. We don’t have a lot of money right now so it’s about taking our outfits to the next level by just adding a new item to your wardrobe now that were starting to head out a bit more. These are just some pretty pieces to inspire you.

So for reference I am 5ft4 and weigh 10 stone 4 on a good day 😊 and I ordered everything in a small, except the stretch leopard top and the waistcoat which is a medium . I have had the vests for while but I felt they deserved a mention as they are so versatile and can form the backbone of your wardrobe, they are always in the basics section and they are at such a good price point. I have 2 of these vests in beige. You’re probably wondering why I have 2 vests in the same colour? well I wear them so often; I didn’t want to have that ‘’one in the wash’’ situation or when I go back to get another one, its sold out in my size. (I bet you’ve been there). I love the fit, the neckline is great as I love wearing chains and necklaces and it feels lovely. They go with everything and are a great layering piece that will take you through all the seasons.

Style it with joggers



I know a lot of you shy away from wearing fitted tops because of your ‘’mum tums’’ or you’re conscious of your ‘’wobbly bits’’ and ‘’bingo wings ‘’and think ‘’you couldn’t pull that off’’. I understand you have to feel comfortable, but let me let you into a little secret….were over 30, WE have lived, we have ate, we enjoy our food, some of us have had children, we have days where we are bloated, none of us has the time or the willpower to have a flat tummy and toned arms and at the end of the day, we are our own worst critics because NOBODY else really cares about our wobbly bits. There is no reason why you shouldn’t feel comfortable wearing a fitted vest top. I have had these discussions with some of my clients and I have shown them ways to feel more comfortable wearing these types of tops. You can wear your elasticated waisted skirts higher on your waist to draw the eye to the smallest part of your body, layer with a light cardigan, denim jacket, an open shirt, a blazer, a hoody. The list is endless. Please just don’t look at these websites with slim trim models and rite yourself off. They come in small, medium and large so they are for ALL of us, remember that xoxo. Just wear it with confidence.  I just think fitted clothing makes you hold yourself better and it also lets you get back on your work outs when you’ve been slacking, because you can judge your weight by how your clothes fit. If it feels snug on your tummy, then it’s time to get a bit more active again. 😊.


I know everyone has been going crazy about the bodysuits from Zara, but as I am bigger on my bottom half,  I am not a fan of the knickers digging in, the VPL or the poppers trying to break free with every step I take 😊 so these vests are the perfect solution for me. These will work for you too if you are larger on the bottom.  The green is a new edition to their selection and really nice. When I ordered they didn’t have my size, so I will wait for it to come in.

Stretch top with wide strap detail 0264 531 £7.99

They come in beige, green, ecru, white, light blue or black

Stretch top Zara 2020

My next pick is this bang on trend top. The sleeves are everything and just give a bit of drama. You can dress it up or down. You can wear it on or off your ageless shoulders. I have styled mine with my ecru jeans and black skinnies, but this would look great with black denim shorts and some sliders as well. I got it in a medium and it was true to fit. The smocking detail is nice and comfortable on the tummy and the print also diverts the eye away from your ‘’wobbly bits’’ and your arms are covered, what’s not to love? Let’s face it animal print isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, so go ahead and rock your statement summer sleeves.

Zara stretch top 2020

Zara stretch top 2020

Zara stretch top 2020
Nice and comfy on the back

Stretch top 8000 221 £25.99

Animal print shirt Zara
Lovely and loose-fitting

I am 41 with 3 kids and on days when I have scoffed all the biscuits in the jar or had my guilty pleasure which is apple crumble and custard the night before and wake up looking pregnant, this easy fling on shirt is perfect and oh so versatile. At least 25% of it has been made from recycled polyester so you’re doing your part for the environment too. You could get your legs out and wear it with a mini skirt, rock it with cycling shorts or leggings. It can also be dressed up with heels and a nice clutch. For a formal occasion you could wear it with a suit. Come autumn/winter, you could wear it with a biker jacket or a slouchy cardigan and ankle boots, the styling choices with this piece is endless.

Animal print shirt Zara 2020

With my ecru jeans
Half tucked in

Animal Print Shirt 8155 034 £29.99


Tailored waitcoat Zara 2020
Tailored waistcoat in Oyster

Last but by no means least is this beautifully tailored waistcoat. I have always had a thing for them and this colourway is just divine, maybe not practical but I do have time out from my kids where I want to dress for ”me”. It’s so important that you have a few items that are just about ”you” in your wardrobe. The kids will grow up and go to nursery and  school, you will go out on your own at times and it’s just nice to feel like yourself and not always have to dress in ”practically” 24/7. I ordered medium but it was quite big on my arms and not as fitted as I wanted it to be, so I ordered a small and it fits much better. It can be easily dressed up with a clutch, a nice bralet or cami underneath, cute heels and some wide leg trousers. You could wear it over a loose-fitting dress or finish off the look with a pair of tailored trousers. I also like the idea of putting it over an oversized shirt and pairing it with skinny jeans or leggings and a fab pair of heels. Another great look could be wearing it with a black shirt for that monochromatic look. If you style yours with jeans and a vest, play around with different belts, they just create different looks and stop your outfit from looking the same all the time.

With my cream belt and my vest underneath
With tan belt
With metallic belt

Nice fit on the back

With my dogtooth shirt

Tailored waistcoat oyster 7821 701  £49.99


So, you can see, just by adding a new item to your wardrobe gives you endless styling choices. When you are shopping just have a think about what 3 other items your new piece would go with. I do know some stylists recommend 5 things, but I feel thinking of just 3 other items won’t overwhelm you and you won’t end up buying nothing. Afterall buying something new gives you a little ‘’pick me’’ up and God knows, we all need one right now.


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  • Cindy
    August 16, 2020

    Thanks nads! Found this really useful, definitely gave me a lot of inspo for outfit choices, taking a look on the Zara website as we speak!

    • nadinestyle
      August 16, 2020

      I am glad it gave you some Ideas. They have some great pieces that have just come on the website

      • Lisa
        August 18, 2020

        Just read this! Its amazing 👍🏾👊🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 well proud of you. Women of al ages can get some great styling tips from you x

        • nadinestyle
          August 18, 2020

          Thankyou little sis. Look out for more styling tips coming soon. I could see you in the animal print shirt xoxo

  • Monica Purcell
    August 16, 2020

    Beautiful, easy to wear, interchangeable outfits. You rock them girl 👌

    • nadinestyle
      August 16, 2020

      Thank you, have fun with different looks.

  • Stephanie
    August 23, 2020

    Well done hon!❤️🎉🎉🙏🏽
    I like the interchangeable outfits, good inspiration, don’t have to have loads of money to look good! Thanks, will definitely share. 🙏🏽

    • nadinestyle
      August 26, 2020

      Thankyou, It’s just about playing around with outfits and seeing what you already have in your wardrobe to enhance a new item xx

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