Show yourself, step into your power

September 11, 2020


I was watching Frozen 2 with my little one a few weeks ago and just enjoying quality time with him when one of the songs “Show yourself” came up and my thoughts just fell into place. I looked up the lyrics and they resonated with me.

We all interpret songs in our own way. This song for me was about pushing myself out of my comfort zone. I had all these gifts all along but I wasn’t always “showing” myself, fear was holding me back at times and  I thought if I am trying to instill these values in my kids I have to get a grip and work on them  myself.

I am 41, and I think not growing up in a ‘’techy” world can throw me and make me “freeze” at times. One of these “techy” challenges was doing an Insta live on my new(ish) mobile, where I researched how to do it and thought yeah, I can do this, then self-doubt came in and said “but you write everything down all the time, you can’t read off a piece of paper on a live” but I really wanted to do one, It was my way of connecting on another level with my followers and would be a big win for me personally. I kept thinking about it and in the end, after plucking up the courage to do it, I discovered my mobile doesn’t have the insta live feature. Nevertheless, I intend to record a video and put myself out there. We must remember in these unprecedented times we can make or break ourselves literally with our mindset. Here are a few tips that I use to improve myself and I encourage you to give them a go too.



Credit: Lila Valentina

Be accountable to yourself

Some of us are working from home or have been made redundant and do not have a boss keeping us in check, so all we have is ourselves. Be mindful of your choices and actions everyday and how they impact on your precious time.


Schedule things you want to achieve every day

I use my calendar on my mobile and just jot down a few things each day that I want to get done. They don’t have to overwhelm you but make sure one of them stretches you in your personal journey. At the end of the week, you can then look back on all you have accomplished  and be proud in that moment and even treat yourself to something as simple as a glass of wine (apple crumble and custard is my indulgence😊).


Positive self-talk

I do this a lot, mostly while I am washing up in the morning. If I have negative thoughts and start self-doubting, I talk myself out of it in my head. Sometimes by thinking what a loved one would say, thinking of positive song or a bible verse and just move on victorious from that inner battle.


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Be open to re-inventing yourself

Ok, gone are the days where you have a job for life unless you are in certain professions. You have to be adaptable because it’s just a fact of life we have to deal with. I have struggled with this and It can be hard to start all over again and constantly thinking what next? but you know what? It makes you more resilient and tenacious in the long run, you meet interesting people along the way, and it pushes you out of your comfort zone. I wouldn’t be here right now living out my dreams fully If I didn’t get made redundant for the second time.

Be open to retraining and learning new skills. The best thing about this is we are all adults now and nobody is forcing us to study what we have no interest in like in our school days, so It’s down to us to choose what we enjoy and have a passion for and go for it wholeheartedly. I recently learned how to swim butterfly stroke in January, and I am so glad I achieved it just before lockdown. My next challenge is learning some notes on my saxophone. I had always wanted to learn it at school, it didn’t happen then, but I am determined to make it happen now.


Read positive material and watch inspiring documentaries

I have always preferred a documentary over a film as I am a sucker for a life story. I love the journey they take you on and seeing the hardships and struggles characters have had to overcome. It also helps you to keep going as half the time what you’re going through is a drop in the ocean compared to what you’re watching on screen and It puts it all into perspective. A few good documentaries I have watched recently are Harrriet, The Black Godfather and Self Made. Reading is important too, I have been doing more in lockdown, I love picking out inspiring quotes and using them as my tool to better myself.


Use the resources you have  and make it work for you

When lockdown started, I thought I can’t take photos of lovely clothes anymore for Instagram. I was in a privileged position as I worked for Oasis and took photos on my shifts and got content easily. I then looked at my slim pine mirror that never stays in position and tilts on itself and thought “that’s not going to work well for full body selfies”, I looked through my wardrobe and most of the clothes I had, had been used as content already but I wasn’t going to let that stop me. I still had to keep my “creative juices” flowing for my sanity and my routine so  I thought outside the box and found content from stores websites, reached out to small businesses to use their content, did a body- shape series and so forth. I just kept making it work for me, because at the end of the day I do Instagram for my love of styling and empowering you all not for the likes. Another one of my dilemmas during lock down was not being able to practice my butterfly stroke in the pool. I turned this around by doing dryland swimming exercises (yes this really is a thing). Sometimes we have to find a way to make it work in unfamiliar territory and it feels so good when you keep winning at it.


I watched Dr Brene Browns: The call to courage and she summed up vulnerability perfectly, it’s ok to be vulnerable, we don’t know it all. Continue to be encouraged to take small steps in your lives to be better versions of yourself, because we are all a work in progress and ‘’perfectly imperfect’’ and you know what? That’s quite alright. Sending you peace and light xoxo.


“Show yourself I’m dying to meet you… step into your power, throw yourself into something new. You are the one you’ve been waiting for all of my life….oh show yourself’’


Show yourself lyrics

Song by Evan Rachel Wood and Idina Menzel







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