Fun at The Pantry…

If you’ve not been to The Pantry in Stockbridge for a while or indeed ever, you should check it out. Especially if you have a playdate to organise  – it’s only gone and got an incredible play space with toys-a-plenty.

Ah, the things that make you happy when you’re busy being mum.

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Little Miss M and I were catching up with a friend and her wee one. And, I’m not going to lie, we were all super-excited to find this new addition. It’s been well designed and thought out. The gated play area is located at the side of the main eating space. This means it gives those without babes the privacy and distance they need to enjoy their food / drinks. There’s also two tables with plenty of chairs right beside the area and enough space for two buggies.

We were coffee and caking. They have a fab selection of sweet treats at the counter so we opted for a sharey-selection of lovely macaroons and a (wow) salted caramel millionaire’s shortbread. Really flippin’ good.

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The kids had a ball in the play space and there are plenty of highchairs so, they were able to join us for post-fun refreshments.

It’s a farm shop too. And the daily menu is really appealing with things like the Breakfast Burrito and the Pulled Pork Sub. They also have ‘Toastie Tuesdays’, which basically means the kitchen has a day off and the staff serve up toasties all day.

I love toasties. And I’m lovin’ The Pantry…

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They actually run some classes too. Things like baking and pizza making classes for wee ones and cooking courses for adults. These appear to be at various locations though….

If you haven’t been lately then definitely go for food or, a coffee and cake stop. And don’t be put off by the new kid area, if you’re looking for some peace, as it’s hidden enough.

All in all, the best of both worlds.

Any more coffee catch-up / playdate recommendations?


A tasty breakfast stop…

Last week, we three had a breakfast stop at Craigie’s Farm in South Queensferry. We hadn’t actually planned to go there but the café at Cramond we rocked up to wasn’t open as yet. So, off to Craigie’s we ventured.

I’m so glad we did. It was really great.

IMAG2405_1 IMAG2409_1

I had been to the farm a few times before for a bite to eat but it was a long time ago. Funnily enough my last visit-memory is of being really hung-over while the kid at the table next to me kept banging his rattle off it…super loudly. I was like, arrrrgggh, get me out of here.

How times have changed. Now it’s my little one making all the noise and I’m over the moon to be in such an accommodating venue.

It’s not just me that’s changed. Craigie’s has evolved into an incredible family-friendly haven. It also looks super-slick inside now and there’s just so much going on. It’s a farm shop, butchery, bakery, deli, café and a working farm (of course) all rolled into one.  You can also say hello to the pigs and chickens or even Pick Your Own. Kids are in their element too with its huge outdoor space and play area complete with swings, a climbing frame and slide. The views are also incredible, which the grown-ups will really appreciate.




We arrived not long after 10am and the place was already buzzing but, it was the Easter holidays. That said, it’s a hugely popular place in general, especially when the weather is fair.


apple juice-20150422-132231_1


We were totally hungry so didn’t mess around – it was straight to the hot breakfast bar for us. Everything looked YUM and it’s (posh) canteen style so you can pick from a mix of items. I went for the sausage, mushrooms, fried egg and tattie scone. Mr T had the same but with black pudding instead of the mushies.  It definitely hit the spot. We were also both well impressed with the size of the sausages (huge) and those eggs had most definitely been laid that morning (super fresh).



We were heading to check out The Kelpies so didn’t stay too long. But we’ll definitely go back soon to spend more time there and make the most of all that’s on offer.  I can’t wait to introduce M to the animals. We might even try Pick Your Own too…

Did I actually just say that? Times really have changed!

Someone better pass me a margarita. Like, now.

Nadine x

Any favourite breakfast spots to recommend?