Design by K…

My absolute favourite Edinburgh boutique is Kakao by K on fabulous Thistle Street. And, I love it for two reasons.

  1. One of my very good friends, Karina owns it and shopping / hanging out there is as lovely as she is (okay, I’m a bit bias but go see for yourself)
  2. It’s got Scand-chic all wrapped up

kakao sign

Karina – a Denmark lass – has been bringing a taste of Scandinavia to the city for well over six years now. Her impeccable taste has gained her a loyal following and the brands she stocks like Soaked in Luxury, Gestuz and Y.A.S have gone from strength to strength.

For me, it’s perfect for adding statement pieces to my wardrobe as it offers designers that are not-so-easy-to-find in the UK. And the prices are more within my range (not cheap but not crazy top designer ££s).

The gorgeous accessories and jewellery Kakao stocks – including her own Design by K range – are also incredible. I have a drawer full of fabulous chunky, sparkly and elegant necklaces. And, a unique scarf to go with all of my outfits.

So, it was very exciting to be invited along to the launch of Karina’s latest Design by K collection: Scandiburgh.


Inspired by her Scandinavian heritage and her Edinburgh lifestyle, the new jewellery range offers a unique mix of gold and silver designs. Each piece being a symbol of Karina’s life in some way.



Like the beading on a pair of hoop earrings that were inspired by the black bead design that surrounds the Melville monument in St Andrew’s Square. Or the stag’s head necklace that was created thanks to the view from her boutique’s window (Howie’s 21st Century Kilts …and his stag head are across the road). While the clean lines of all of the jewellery’s design puts her Scandinavian stamp on them.


This necklace was one of my fave pieces, which I purchased on the night. I love the clean design with the pale blue stone. The stone is a reference to the appreciation of a pure blue sky in Edinburgh, especially as we often have rain. It’s also a nod to the the current 70s trend and a great match for the many-new tan colours I have introduced to my s/s wardrobe.


I’d highly recommend checking out the range – you can view her ranges online too at . Don’t worry either if a piece you want is sold out. Karina offers bespoke designs as part of her Design by K brand so she’ll happily make you another.

What’s your favourite jewellery to wear? Are you strictly silver or gold or, do you mix it up?

Kakao by K will also be taking Scandi-chic to Aberdeen this weekend with a pop-up shop in Amicus Apple. Danish knitwear designer Stinne Gorell will be there too.

If you’re in the area it’s a fab opportunity to combine lunch with a spot of shopping and you’ll definitely snap-up some unique items. The shop will be open 12-5pm.


An initial close to my heart..

I’ve got a thing about fashion accessories. I just can’t get enough of them. It’s been a style obsession of mine for as long as I can remember. And I still get excited by how much a simple bit of decoration here or there can take your outfit up like, a whole new level. From glasses to hats, sports visors to head bands, watches to clocks, ribbons to key chains, chokers to pussy bows and MORE. You name it, I’ve found some way to rock it with my outfit.

glasses glasses2 glasses

Chunky jewellery is one of my day-to-day staples though. So, lately I’ve been struggling with feeling a little bit naked.

It’s not so easy to wear BIG statement pieces every day when you’re busy being mum.

I mean, for starters, your little one might hurt themselves as they reach out to try and shove your spiked, studded belt in their mouth. And, heaven forbid, they might actually destroy your chunky chain-rope necklace as the attempt to Rip. It. Off. your neck.

So recently I’ve gone all, a little bit subtle and thought I’d share with you my fave new statement necklace.necklace M2

It’s an understated, silver Links of London pendant I got from Mr T for Christmas engraved with Little Miss M’s initial. How sweeeeeet is that?!


I absolutely adore it. And, it’s great because you can still wear it when with babe but safely tuck it away from grabbing paws as and when required.

It’s simple but stylish and, it’s a good size because there’s still an element of CHUNK .

It looks great with every outfit and is even tapping into the current 70s vibe. I also quite like that I have M so close to my heart..but don’t tell anyone I said that.

What jewellery are you wearing just now? Any special pieces?