An initial close to my heart..

I’ve got a thing about fashion accessories. I just can’t get enough of them. It’s been a style obsession of mine for as long as I can remember. And I still get excited by how much a simple bit of decoration here or there can take your outfit up like, a whole new level. From glasses to hats, sports visors to head bands, watches to clocks, ribbons to key chains, chokers to pussy bows and MORE. You name it, I’ve found some way to rock it with my outfit.

glasses glasses2 glasses

Chunky jewellery is one of my day-to-day staples though. So, lately I’ve been struggling with feeling a little bit naked.

It’s not so easy to wear BIG statement pieces every day when you’re busy being mum.

I mean, for starters, your little one might hurt themselves as they reach out to try and shove your spiked, studded belt in their mouth. And, heaven forbid, they might actually destroy your chunky chain-rope necklace as the attempt to Rip. It. Off. your neck.

So recently I’ve gone all, a little bit subtle and thought I’d share with you my fave new statement necklace.necklace M2

It’s an understated, silver Links of London pendant I got from Mr T for Christmas engraved with Little Miss M’s initial. How sweeeeeet is that?!


I absolutely adore it. And, it’s great because you can still wear it when with babe but safely tuck it away from grabbing paws as and when required.

It’s simple but stylish and, it’s a good size because there’s still an element of CHUNK .

It looks great with every outfit and is even tapping into the current 70s vibe. I also quite like that I have M so close to my heart..but don’t tell anyone I said that.

What jewellery are you wearing just now? Any special pieces?