Nadine is great at her job

Nadine is great at her job; the day I was booked in I was surprised that she had prepared two rails full of clothes that matched what I was looking for. My taste is different as I was looking for modest, stylish, colourful, and smart looking outfits. We spent almost three hours together and she had a smile on her face all the time and was extremely helpful and accommodating. We left the store with bags full of fab clothes that suited my style, I had a smile on my face and I was looking forward to our next session. I got so many complimentson my new outfits and some friends commented on how different I looked in contrast to my usual style.Nadine gave me the confidence to try different looks I would have never been brave enough to try in the past. Nadine is very good at what she does, and I feel lucky to know her. Even during lockdown she helped me with online shopping. I was surprised how organised she was. I asked her to help me find some modest skirts and dresses and she made me my own lookbook with some good selections, of course I ordered some of the items immediately, I can’t wait for them to arrive! And I know once they come, I can rely on her to advise me on the fit and if it suits me.
- Dr Randa x

Shopping is for me sometimes

Shopping is for me sometimes a journey that makes me feel tired and angry because it is not always easy to find what I want and like and especially if I do it in another country. I was traveling to U.K for vacation and some shopping and had no luck. I was tired and almost gave up until I met you dear Nadine,you made it easy and lovely. Thanks for your positive vibes and fine taste
- Love Rasha Sulieman from Israel

My personalised shopping

My personalised shopping experience with Nadine was comfortable and fun. She is honest, attentive and conscientious in her work with her clients. She identified my particular body shape and complexion, to suggest geometric patterns, colours and styles of clothing that would be most complimentary and flattering. She was clear if she felt something didn'twork and pushed me to try clothing options I wouldn't otherwise have done (still recognising that my comfort and perception of the clothes is ultimately most important). At the time I actually only purchased a jumper. However, the knowledge I took away, and have applied to my subsequent clothing purchases has been very valuable. I would definitely go back to Nadine for future shopping outings and would recommend her to others.
- Naomi

Nadine has been so helpful

Nadine has been so helpful, her tips about tucking tops into bottoms were great, plus her suggestions about different ways to wear pieces I wouldn’t usually consider, such as an open shirt dress. I’ve had a great session – would absolutely recommend.
- Adrienne

when Nadine assesses anyone’s

when Nadine assesses anyone’s body type she always seems to get it right and no question is ever too difficult for her to answer regarding fashion, style and body shapes.She is very good at identifying what creates the right illusion with the right layers of clothing and the right colours and textures of materials her experience is her asset I would highly recommend Nadine to anyone who is looking for an experienced stylist no matter what the occasion Nadine is a people person and she relates to what a real woman’s fashion issues or style issues truly are...Nadine listens well which is her greatest asset.
- Anita

I would highly recommend

I would highly recommend a consultation with Nadine as have met with her several times now, in person and online, and she always puts me straight at ease. Nadine makes great suggestions for outfits that suit my body shape as well as my changing needs and budget.
- Mel (full time mum of two)

Nadine is knowledgeable

Nadine is knowledgeable and I have bought clothes I never would have picked myself. Loved the experience. Will definitely be back.
- Mary

Nadine was the personal stylist

Nadine was the personal stylist for me and my friend Mary earlier this year. I’ve never done anything like this before and to be honest I was a bit nervous about what it would entail and how I would feel. I can honestly say it was a really great day that we both enjoyed so much. We were with Nadine for about 2.5 hours and the time flew by. She never rushed us and took her time to show us how to style our outfits and accessorise them to suit our body type and personal preferences. One of the reasons we wanted to do the personal stylist session was to feel more confident about how we look and to explore different looks/styles. Nadine really quickly picked out outfits that suited me and also some things I wouldn’t have thought to try. Since the session I’ve had lots of compliments on the outfits I chose! I highly recommend Nadine - she will make you feel instantly relaxed and you will not regret using her service!!
- Sinead

I had a stylist appointment

I had a stylist appointment with Nadine as I had outgrown a lot of clothes through weight gain. She was so lovely and put me at ease immediately. Nadine found loads of great clothes that allowed me to feel good about myself again which is no mean feat. She listened to what I wanted and suggested some things I never would have thought about otherwise but loved. Would highly recommend Nadine
- Diana

I have had a brilliant time

I have had a brilliant time; Nadine has been amazing. Not only have I come away with a new wardrobe full of clothes, but I know how to dress for my shape! Nadine was patient, friendly and really knows her stuff. Thank you for a great afternoon....
- Hannah xxx