Ways you can practise gratitude to boost your mood

October 16, 2020





Lockdown has been hard on us all, from deaths and illnesses to not being close to friends and loved ones, you could easily become overwhelmed. This was me in April, listening to the news at night, not being able to sleep and waking up feeling low and having to carry on with homeschooling and the daily routine.

I had to get a grip, see passed all that was going on and just take stock. I had healthy children and a partner, and I was well. I started going for more walks with my son and just living in the moment and not worrying as much.

When you realise you have no control over anything and just be, it is a big weight off your mind. Just being at one with nature and watching my son play and laugh and seeing the world through his eyes for a moment just put me in a better headspace.

Appreciating the small things that you once took for granted can bring you so much contentment as well. The other day I was walking to the park, going through the motions and I looked over into a garden and saw an elderly lady at the window, waving and smiling at us. I pointed her out to my son, and we waved, and she smiled back. It was an emotional moment.  I started thinking we might have been the first people she had made eye contact with that morning. It made me feel so grateful that I could leave my house and take my son to the park. I felt happy that we made that lady smile. Just having that connection with a stranger was profound in these unprecedented times. Covid19 has taught us all to appreciate human touch more and place greater value on relationships than “stuff”.

In those moments when you’re having a time of it with your kids and want to run for the hills, take a breath and remember there is a woman out there that would give her right arm to be in your situation…just hold them closer.


Express gratitude and hold them closer


I am happy that I have taken gratitude techniques to a deeper level during lockdown as it has helped me cope with situations better and just not take things to heart as much.

I was very sad and tearful when I got made redundant and I couldn’t see the wood for the trees at one point, but when I started shifting my perspective and seeing it as a new chapter in my life, it felt so much better. Give it a try, it will change every aspect of your life.

If you too have been made redundant, remember you are not alone, don’t bottle it all up, reach out and talk to someone about how you are feeling.

I would encourage you to think of your transferable skills;

What did you do?

What do you know?

Who do you know?

Get thinking and make a move. Y-O-U are still amazing and talented. Your job title that you used to have does not define you, your personality does.


‘’Sometimes you got to feel sick my boy before you start feeling better’’

Tom Foolery


Look for the best in every situation, feel gratitude in those “moments”, do something kind for others, it does not matter how small it is and it doesn’t have to cost anything neither. Make gratitude a daily habit and watch the impact it has on your life.

Some ways you can create a sense of gratitude in your home is thinking of 3 things a day to be grateful for and share them with your family at the end of the day. Just imagine if you are in a family of 4, that is 12 things you can be thankful for. It will not only boost your mood and put things into perspective, it will also create a positive energy throughout your home.

If you are living on your own, you could make a ‘’happiness jar’’. I saw this in the stylist and thought It was a great Idea. You simply make a note of things you are grateful for and positive things that are happening for you in your jar, your box or container. You can fill it as often as you like and when you go back to it, you can embrace all those moments that we naturally forget and take for granted. We have all had time to reflect and spend more time with ourselves and develop in some way during this time and we need to remember that.


Photo credit: Unsplash


We all have something to be grateful for, so let’s continue to practise it and reap the rewards it brings. Be at peace dear hearts xoxo




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